2024 EOBs are now available online. Please contact Customer Service for EOBs prior to the current year.
Tobacco Cessation
Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) - Oklahomans receive free telephone based quit coaching and receive a free two-week starter kit of nicotine patches or gum.
Health and Wellness Resources
We're excited to provide you with new and updated Health and Wellness tools!
Remedy Health Clinics
Effective 1/1/2023 the Tulsa FOP 93 Health & Welfare Trust will partner with Remedy Health for clinic needs. Members will no longer be able to seek care from CareATC clinics as of 1/1/2023.
Synergy Mental Health Services
Synergy Mental Health Services for half price. Copay for therapy is $20. Available NOW for all officers, retired officers, and all dependents on the Trust Health Plan.
Home Sleep Studies/CPAP Supplies
DME Connect Home Sleep Studies and CPAP/BIPAP equipment available at no cost to members and enrolled dependents. Any provider can refer you for home sleep studies and equipment.
Cleartone Hearing Aid Discounts for 20% AVAILABLE TO ALL MEMBERS AND DEPENDENTS NOW.
MedWise Urgent Care
MedWise Urgent Care Clinics are available to all members and enrolled dependents for a reduced copay of $40.
Virtual Scheduling and Care
Virtual Immediate Care 24/7 Visits as $0 copay as well as Virtual Scheduled Care Visits at $0 copay for Primary Care available through your Saint Francis or Ascension St. John provider.
24/7 Online Care
24/7 Online Care provides easy access for some urgent care and behavioral health services to immediately give you access to a local health care professional. This service is similar to an urgent care visit, but you will only be charged a primary care office visit copay. The visit is accessible from your electronic or mobile device from the comfort of your home or while on the go.
Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center
EOWC Medical offers a wide range of healthcare services to fit your specific needs. Our dedication to our patients includes the latest treatments to ensure the best possible solutions to a variety of medical issues.
Mobile App
Managing your account on the go is a breeze with CommunityCare Mobile app for Apple and Android.

CommunityCare Member Portal

We are excited to introduce you to CommunityCare Member Portal! We hope Member Portal will be a helpful, friendly tool for CommunityCare members.

Some of the features within Member Portal include:

  • View your healthcare benefit details
  • Check your claim status
  • View your Explanation of Benefits
  • Print temporary ID cards
  • Order replacement ID cards
  • Search your provider directory
  • View your deductible and out of pocket summary

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